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Best-Horror-Movies.com adresli site korku filmlerinden anlayan 23 jüri üyesiyle yaptığı kriterlerle toplamda 322 filmi incelemişler ve en iyi 100 korku filmini belirlemişler. Ele alınan kriterler; senaryo, orijinallik, etki, korku, konu, favori ve hala izlenebilir olması. Bu seçenekleri 1 ila 10 arasında puanlandırmışlar ve liste bu şekilde ortaya çıkmış.
İşte en iyi 100 korku filmi:

Movie Orig. Impact Scares Visuals Story Fav Script Long. Total
1The Exorcist8101010101010573
3Dawn of the Dead101010101078570
5Night of the Living Dead1010991089570
6The Shining 9109810910570
7Nightmare on Elm Street 1010991097569
9Evil Dead910999107568
10Friday the 13th - Original8101081097567
11An American Werewolf in London89910899567
14Texas Chainsaw Massacre910981078566
16The Descent89101010910066
17The Howling89989108566
18Dead Alive881010898566
20Interview With The Vampire997101087565
21The Hills Have Eyes109771088564
22Zombi 2891010877564
24Suspiria 8989979564
27The Thing (Carpenter)98109976563
28Silence of the Lambs8103910810563
29The Uninvited (1944)896610910563
30Let The Right One In109881098062
31Planet Terror998101088062
32Black Christmas 89107995562
3328 Days Later 8996988562
34Shaun of the Dead8961010910062
35The Blair Witch Project 1010671085561
36The Orphanage 9861010810061
37Serpent and the Rainbow9849989561
38Wolf Creek8886998561
39The Ruins98910987060
41The Abominable Dr. Phibes 98310898560
42Ginger Snaps 9799867560
43White Zombie810571087560
44The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)8966989560
45Storm of the Century (1999)87881068560
46The Curse of Frankenstein 71087887560
47Saw 10988987059
48Bride of Frankenstein 9979857559
49The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919) 97571088559
51Rosemary's Baby81055989559
52Don't Look Now 89410779559
53High Tension 8710101077059
54Rose Red87771087559
55The Body Snatcher (1945)8777988559
56The Eye 9977966558
57Three... Extremes9878867558
58Cemetary Man 97491068558
59Day of the Dead8978876558
60Village of the Damned89751077558
61Tale of Two Sisters8878877558
63The Mist581010979058
66Event Horizon9788785557
67Halloween 28988883557
68Poltergeist 8958877557
69The Birds 8957959557
70Night of the Comet87669106557
71The Frighteners8678977557
74Bram Stoker's Dracula 510671077557
75Last House on the Left9976875556
76The Wicker Man (original) 89289510556
77Return of the Living Dead88687104556
79The Legend of Hell House 7759986556
80The Omen6955989556
81The Host 68910887056
82Salem's Lot 58768107556
83The Fly (1986)5868978556
84Nosferatu (1929)410471079556
85The Ring 31089993556
86Army of Darkness10835996555
87Child's Play 910476104555
88Dawn of the Dead (2004)9989866055
89Pet Sematary98468105555
90The Wolfman 71049956555
91Jacobs' Ladder 77710856555
92Dog Soldiers7778786555
93Darkness Falls 76977104555
94The Mummy (Universal) 61077857555
95Horror of Dracula 6977786555
97Amityville Horror 5976887555
98Scream 41065889555
100They Live9856876554
101The Quartermass Xperiment 81066775554
102Trilogy of Terror7768867554
103Tales From The Crypt (1972)61055967553
105The Invisible Man--Universal7849857553
106The Craft7648887553
107From Beyond5768877553
108The Vampire Lovers8667867553
109Behind the Mask106671077053
110Black Sheep9878777053
111Puppet Master8478867553
112Suicide Club8667957553
113The Fly (1958)9845976553
115Dead Silence 7899785053
116The Lost Boys6857697553
117The Changeling 57786105553
118The Fog 78567105553
121Island of Lost Souls (1932)8737967552
122The Black Cat (1934)8655977552
123Hell's Ground8769787052
125Friday the 13th 27887854552
126Grindhouse 76610887052
128the Stepford Wives 91024877552
129Midnight Meat Train10778866052
132Wizard of Gore (2007)57510988052
133American Psycho7546969551
136Tourist Trap5557897551
137The Dead Next Door7749784551
138Let Sleeping Corpses Lie7676875551
139Carnival of Souls84531097551
140Halloween H2O5677876551
141Invasion of the Body Snatchers (70s version) 5975965551
142Night of the Creeps5759875551
143The Beyond8878663551
144Saw 279591065051
145The Scarecrow87441085551
146Willard (1971)8945767551
147Scream 24668876550
148The New York Ripper7776756550
14913: Game of Death106651067050
150Dead Ringers 9855747550
151Final Destination 9657963550
155The Haunted7568865550
156Zombie Town7769876050
157The Mummy (Hammer version) 6877755550
158Silent Night, Deadly Night 81066762550
159Curse of Frankenstein-Hammer5865686549
161Freaks (1932)10657664549
162Hard Candy 95451079049
163Invasion of the Body Snatchers (50s)6964955549
164The Grudge5689957049
165The Hitcher 6883766549
166The Woman In Black 7469837549
167Werewolf of London (1935)5656877549
169Terror Train5577784548
170Candyman 7766665548
171Friday the 13th Part 4 6677863548
172Phantom of the Opera (1925)8945845548
173The Revenge of Frankenstein 6667666548
174Friday the 13th Part 38947474548
175Twilight Zone: The Movie6756766548
176Black Sabbath6655776547
177Deep Red7557765547
178Dracula (1931)31045974547
179People under the stairs 7745964547
180Resident Evil4978572547
181The Dagon 4468947547
182The Prophecy 6556848547
183The Thing From Another World 5537967547
184Monster Squad7616877547
185The Burning (1981)3588765547
186Thi13teen Ghosts (2001)4559865547
18720 Million Miles to Earth55310666546
188Children of the Corn8854844546
189Children of the damned 8544857546
190Creature from the Black Lagoon 9448583546
191Dead Snow6729985046
192Fallen 7725848546
193House of 1000 corpses 5599445546
194Manhunter 8745737546
195Prom Night5777483546
196The Creature from the Black Lagoon-Universal8925665546
197The Creeping Flesh 7538747546
19830 Days of Night7779654045
199Evil Dead 23655984545
200Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 6575967045
201Let's Scare Jessica to Death 6456856545
202The Island of Lost Souls (1930's) 4635949545
203Vampire Hunter D 45310855545
204Night of the Living Dead 9014771047545
205When a Stranger Calls 8734855545
206Zombie Honeymoon8658855045
207Alice, Sweet Alice6543795544
208City of the Living Dead8846454544
209Dracula Has Risen From The Grave 5646765544
210Near Dark 8348835544
211Nosferatu The Vampyre (1970s) 2638956544
212Alone in the Dark 3349775543
213Arachnophobia 8734754543
214Bad Taste7519754543
215Christine 8845733543
216From Dusk Till Dawn 5568743543
217Halloween (2007)2569984043
218House on Haunted Hill (1958)5733857543
219The Company of Wolves 8438735543
220Cujo 7754626542
221My Bloody Valentine 7546573542
222The Blob 8834554542
223The Fly (1986)2637757542
224My Bloody Valentine 3-D38610555042
225Cabin Fever 4556583541
226Creepshow 7745535541
227Fright Night5544837541
228House of Wax (original) 6523839541
229Marebito 6577655041
231Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight 6245874541
232I Spit on your Grave8622873541
233Bay of Blood 6953453540
234Cat People 6445745540
235Deranged 7733636540
236Magic 7634735540
237The Other 4455746540
238They Came From Within 7345736540
24028 Weeks Later 3657766040
241Andy Warhol's Frankenstein6647542539
242April Fools Day 6654553539
243Black Sunday 5559343539
244Children of the damned 4645744539
245Dead and Buried 5355664539
246Lifeforce 7445734539
248Prince of Darkness 4456744539
249Silver Bullet 5645554539
250Theatre of Blood 3437746539
252Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1930s version) 3753735538
254Ghost Story 4436736538
255Return of the living Dead 2 4847442538
256House by the Cemetery9357450538
257The Haunting 5555534537
258The Omen - Remake3457936037
259Cannibal Holocaust6745252536
260Cannibal Ferox (Uncut)7737231535
261Fire Starter 7444533535
262The Last Broadcast 5326725535
263Tale of Two Sisters/ The Uninvited4446845035
264Jeepers Creepers5663433535
265Devil's Backbone 3423737534
266Joy Ride5553632534
267The Night Flyer 3546434534
268Urban Legend 6255542534
269Basket Case7315543533
270Pitch Black 3535543533
271Vampires 4445434533
272House of Wax (remake) 3476634033
273The Fog Remake3347844033
274It's Alive 3343553531
275Night of the Demons3355433531
276When a Stranger Calls - Remake4345834031
277Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things2224662529
278Freddy vs. Jason7726241029
279One Missed Call3336724028
280Hannibal 3433423527
281Innocent Blood--------0
283Killer Klowns from Outer Space--------0
284King Kong-original--------0
286Masque of the Red Death--------0
288Burnt Offerings--------0
289Cape Fear--------0
290Chakushin Ari--------0
291Dementia 13--------0
293Hair Extensions--------0
294Hell Night--------0
295Hellraiser 2--------0
296House on the Edge of the Park--------0
297Redneck Zombies--------0
298Repo! The Genetic Opera--------0
299Return of the Living Dead 3--------0
300Revolt of the Zombies--------0
301Rocky Horror Picture Show--------0
304Sick Girl--------0
306Sleepaway Camp--------0
307Sleepaway Camp 2--------0
308Slime City--------0
310Sweeney Todd--------0
311Texas Chain Saw 2--------0
312Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake--------0
313The Amityville Horror--------0
314The Bad Seed--------0
315The Faculty--------0
316The Gate--------0
317The Hand That Rocks The Cradle--------0
318The Relic--------0
319The Thing From Another World (1951)--------0
320The Tripper--------0
321Van Helsing--------0
322Vault of Horror--------0

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